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Small stories born from reviewing my works over time.


Piccole storie nate nel tempo. 



In 'Selvaggia' ho radunato scatti fatti nel tempo, dettati dal mio amore per la natura e dall'armonia che si crea assieme al corpo femminile in questi contesti.

Wild woman is about a collection of shots taken over time, dictated by my love for nature and the harmony that is created together with the female body in these contexts



Tutto cambia  

Questo progetto è nato nel 2017, prima e durante la ristrutturazione del mio bar. In effetti il mio primo lavoro è stato la barista.

Everything changes

This project was born in 2017, before and during the renovation of my bar. In fact, my first job was as a bartender.

Lavaggio interiore

Inner washing

Me and you

Wasting time

During our business trip we have some free time in special places and we spend our free time in creating some story with the ideas of the last minute, inspiring always by the locations

Cosa sarebbe il mondo senza gli anni '60?

What the world would be without the 60s

Studio Luce

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